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Bling Rhinestone Personalised Name Charms Pet Collars

Bling Rhinestone Personalised Name Charms Pet Collars

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Adding a personalized name charm to your pet's collar allows you to create a unique and customized look, reflecting their individuality and personality.

  • Gift-Worthy: Personalized name charms make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for pet owners, allowing them to showcase their love and pride for their pet in a practical and stylish way.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Personalized name charms are typically made from durable materials, ensuring they can withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining their legibility and usefulness over time.
  • Quick Recognition: When you have multiple pets or if your pet frequently interacts with other animals, a personalized name charm makes it easy to distinguish them from others, preventing mix-ups or confusion.
  • Versatility: Personalized name charms can be attached to various types of pet collars, including fabric, leather, or nylon, providing flexibility and compatibility with different collar styles and materials.

Material: PU Leather

Size: 7-18inch, 1.5cm width

Letters & Charms: Free Name Up to 5 Letters and 1 Charm

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