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Rechargeable Dog Bark Stopper

Rechargeable Dog Bark Stopper

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Bark-tastic Training: Unleash the quiet training! This stopper is like a personal bark coach, teaching your pup the art of polite conversation.

Peaceful Pet Pals: Furry friendship, untamed! The stopper keeps your dog's barks in check, ensuring peaceful relations with neighbors and fellow pets.

Neighborhood Ninja: Noise ninja in action! The stopper is like a stealthy neighbor-friendly gadget, making your dog the ultimate well-mannered ninja.

So, grab the Dog Bark Stopper and embark on a journey of harmonious hush! From peaceful park outings to dreamy downtime, this stopper is all about taming the noise and bringing more serenity to your dog's world.

Size: 11*8.5*4.85cm/4.33*3.35*1.91in

Battery capacity: 1500mah
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