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Pet Carrier Bag Outdoor Travel backpack

Pet Carrier Bag Outdoor Travel backpack

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Pet-Peek Views: The backpack features mesh windows that give your pet a 360-degree view of the world. It's like having a front-row seat to the best sights, sounds, and smells that nature has to offer.

  • Adventure Awaits: With the Pet Carrier Backpack, you can take your furry friend on thrilling adventures! It's like having a portable kingdom where your pet can join you in exploring the world, from hiking trails to city streets.
  • Pawsome Portability: No more worries about lugging heavy crates or bulky carriers. The Pet Carrier Backpack lets you carry your pet with ease and style. It's like having a magic backpack that shrinks your pet down to a portable size!
  • Travel in Style: The Pet Carrier Backpack is not just functional; it's also fashionable! It's like strutting down the runway with your pet, turning heads and making a stylish statement wherever you go.

Material: nylon

Fitable Weight: 6.5kg

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