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Smart Personalized Pet Collars with App Tag

Smart Personalized Pet Collars with App Tag

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Tag, You're Safe: Safety first, fur friends! The app tag attached to the collar provides crucial information like your contact details, ensuring a speedy return if your pet ever goes on an unexpected adventure. It's like an invisible superhero cape that keeps them safe and sound.

  • Virtual Leash of Freedom: Let them roam, but with boundaries! The app allows you to set virtual perimeters and receive instant alerts if your pet ventures too far. It's like an electronic leash that keeps your furry friend safe while still giving them the freedom to explore.
  • Lost and Found Made Easy: No more pet detective work! With the app tag's built-in GPS tracking, you can locate your furry buddy with a few taps on your phone. It's like a treasure map that leads you straight to your pet's hiding spot, no matter where they wander.
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