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Pet Cat Double Layer Litter Mat Waterproof EVA

Pet Cat Double Layer Litter Mat Waterproof EVA

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Purrfectly Clean Floors: With the Pet Cat Double Layer Litter Mat, say goodbye to scattered litter all over your floors! It's like a magical shield that catches and traps those pesky litter particles, keeping your floors spotlessly clean.

  • Keep it Contained: The raised edges of the mat prevent litter from escaping and spreading all over your floors. It's like a fortress wall, ensuring that litter stays where it belongs—inside the mat and not all over your home.
  • No More Slip 'n' Slide: The non-slip backing of the mat ensures it stays in place, even during the wildest feline adventures. It's like a trusty anchor, keeping the mat securely in position, no matter how much your cat zooms around.


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